Creativity Express Online – Art Seeing Program

By Michael Leppert

This company in its original form was founded by former animators from the Walt Disney Company. In collaboration with professional educators they have developed a unique one-of-a-kind, interactive art program that is not to teach drawing, but to teach seeing and observing.

These creators wanted their own children to learn how to “see” the way artists do and experience how artists for centuries, have communicated visually. As you would expect, the program’s videos and hands-on activities are professionally animated (illustrated) using a polar bear and two penguins – the ‘Art Guides’– to connect with children and animate the lessons and activities.

Creativity Express Online is a comprehensive Visual Arts program that includes:

• 16 lessons that inform the elements and principles of art, including light and shading, use of
   color choices, shapes and show how math and art work together

• 32 hands-on art projects with integrated lesson plans

• Artist Cards and puzzle pieces as rewards for lesson completion

  a personal portfolio for your child’s work to be viewed online

  a glossary of art terms — and more.

Creativity Express Online offers a homeschool package that includes the Teacher Account Center, where the student’s progress can be tracked and Lesson Plans in pdf that can be downloaded. Art is one of the first budget cuts made in public schools, rendering entire school generations ignorant of the important cultural and intellectual values that art imparts. Using Creativity Express Online, whether at home or in an institutional school setting, guarantees that children will not have to be art illiterate anymore. Visit the website today and see all that Madcap Logic has to offer your family!